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Q and A with Celestial L’Amour

August 2, 2021

Photos and Q & A by Jose Serrato  “Hope! That’s our message. That is what Celestial L’Amour is.” – Luis Lopez Celestial L’Amour is a new band in the Fort Worth scene born during the 2020 […]

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Q and A with Jarrod Morris

August 27, 2019

Jarrod Morris took the time for some Q and A during the celebration of the release of his new album “West of East” at the Reata in downtown Fort Worth.  Q and A and Photos […]

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Q and A with Abraham Alexander

June 7, 2019

The Greek-born Fort Worth singer is ready to drop a new EP. BY ERIC GRIFFEY Just a few years ago, Abraham Alexander had never written a song, let along recorded and released one. After dropping […]

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Fortress Gets Meached

April 25, 2019

By Eric Griffey During the build-up to the Fortress Fest lineup announcement, the festival’s organizers decided to let the people book the last act for the third iteration of Fort Worth’s biggest and most acclaimed […]

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Q & A with Kirk Thurmond

August 28, 2018

Photos and interview by Velton Hayworth   V: First thing, great show tonight. It was my first time to see you guys.   K: Thanks!   V: So, I have to ask about influences. I’ve […]

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Q & A with John Heaney of Young Heazy

July 22, 2018

Q & A with Jordan Heaney of Young Heazy at Three Links, Deep Ellum, TX   Interview and Photos by Velton Hayworth  On February 13th, 2017, Jordan Heaney wrote and recorded, “Cuz You’re My Girl“ for […]