Phantomelo and Mean Motor Scooter at Twilight Lounge

Phantomelo – Mean Motor Scooter Twilite Lounge FTW – Friday, December 14, 2018

I have been a super huge fan of Mean Motor Scooter and their garagey-surf punky style from the first time I heard them… which was with the video release of “Monsters” three or so years ago. It’s been a minute since I’ve been able to catch one of their shows, so being able to see a free one at Twilite Lounge – Fort Worth with local faves Phantomelo was a treat!

Twilite is quickly becoming one of my favorite music venues in town. The decor is almost like what I would picture an old-timey gin joint to look like.

The stage area is great because you’ve got options of sitting in a booth or at a table or standing right up front so you get the full experience of the bands.

Drink prices are great and the outdoor patio area is nice for some quiet time between sets.

Back to the music – Phatomelo was the first band up. I had the pleasure of meeting their bassist, Panda, at another event around town and so getting to watch her do her thing on stage with her bandmates was hella fun. Her bass lines are funky and smooth and trippy all at the same time.

The bands sound went from shoe-gazey to almost punkish while maintaining a transcendental sound throughout. Their lead singer’s voice is beautiful and the wit of some of the songwriting had me laughing right out loud. The song touted on stage as being their love song was anything but.

It was funny and hardcore and absolutely perfect. Every song in the set had me moving and smiling and just happy to be sharing that moment with them.

Next up was Mean Motor Scooter. With having only the two bands on the bill, MMS had a little bit more time to be on stage to share their greatness with the packed venue. They kicked things off with Robotic Centipede, one of my very favorites and only available when you see the band live.

Sammy, Chase, Joe, and Rebekah play off each other so well, their live set has become one of my favorite things to see in the Dee Eff Dub. Sprinkled into the set were other familiar tunes, Good Intentions, We are Not Alone, Sea Serpent, and a fan-fucking-tastic new one called Slacker (maybe, don’t hold me to that song title, though).

MMS ended the set with entire room dancing and singing to Put me Down Like a Dog.

All in all, it was a fantastic night full of good drinks, good friends, and good music. I can’t wait to do it again!

Photos by Dustin Schneider, words by Susie Ramone

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