One True Pairing aka Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts Announces New EP 

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One True Pairing aka Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts Announces New EP Zero Vulnerability – Listen In Full HERE

Featuring Acoustic Versions Of Tracks From His 2019 Debut Solo Album


Photo Credit: Josh Taylor-Moon

Praise for One True Pairing:
“a rough and ready, Springsteen-esque slice of heartland rock complete with buzzsaw synths and a soaring chorus.” 
“a potent set of ‘80s-steeped New Wave and post-punk, combining loud, grimy synths, buzzing guitars and propulsive rhythms with his deep vocals and often-cutting lyrics”
“a stunning, multi-layered slice of intense synth-rock.” 

Last year, One True Pairing aka Tom Fleming released his eponymous debut album. The record was shaped by class frustration and self-despair, and continued the exploration of masculinity that made his previous band Wild Beasts so unique.

Now, Fleming is pleased to announce his new EP, Zero Vulnerability, comprising acoustic renditions of 4 tracks from his 2019 debut. Zero Vulnerability is a phrase Fleming coined on his UK tour at the end of last year. He found himself facing the crowd solo, front and center for the first time in his career, alone yet finding solace and strength from the simple mantra.

Listen to Zero Vulnerability HERE

Last night, One True Pairing live streamed a performance of the EP from his home in London via Twitch. All donations made during the performance will be donated to the NHS. Listen back here.

On Zero Vulnerability, stripping the songs to their bare bones also removes the anger and swagger in them. Displays of strength can often hide weakness, and bringing Fleming’s voice to the fore reveals the vulnerability to be found in his lyrics. The tracks highlight fractures in our society and their effects—as he sings on “Elite Companion”, “It’s a race to the bottom, doesn’t matter what it takes, no one escapes.”

He adds: “After making something of a racket and clatter of a rock record, I cut that impulse back and wanted to make something that, on the surface at least, was more gentle and comforting.” Choosing to share Zero Vulnerability now, One True Pairing offers some reassurance with the EP’s parting words, “Tonight tonight tonight tonight, I’m alive.”

Zero Vulnerability tracklisting:
1. Blank Walls
2. Elite Companion
3. Dawn At The Factory
4. Alive In The Resplendent Flames

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