New Young Jesus album – Welcome to Conceptual Beach – out August 14th!

Imagine a shoreline alone, carved from the continent, without land or water to border it, a rind of possibility, a moon-colored border between land and sea, knowing and unknowing. This is Conceptual Beach, a place John Rossiter, vocalist/guitarist of Los Angeles-based Young Jesus, describes as his long-time mental refuge, where he imagines himself living—like a medieval, stigmata-wrought hermit—all his needs for okay-ness finally met. But for the first time, he’s opening up and inviting others to join him there.

Out this August, Young Jesus’ new album Welcome to Conceptual Beach takes what was once a personal escape for Rossiter and, with the collaborative lead of bandmates Marcel Borbon (bass), Eric Shevrin (keys), and Kern Haug (drums), transforms it into a universal experience.

Welcome To Conceptual Beach comes out August 14, but is available for pre-order now. The album is being released on Saddle Creek Store Exclusive Purple LP (Limited edition of 100), Indie Store Exclusive Green LP (Limited edition of 150), Standard Black LP, CD, as well as digital formats. 

Whether it’s a bank-vault-turned-concert-hall in San Francisco, a Brooklyn artists’ collective, a house show in central Connecticut, or a recording studio, a Young Jesus performance is unique and unrepeatable. Recordings are only snapshots of their songs in a given moment. Over dozens of shows, a single song will metamorphosize each time it’s played, taking on infinite new geometries. Their jamming—a self-selected, unaffected, and doggedly genuine term for their complex improvisations—is a visceral, communal experience. They render sound an instinct, filling the space with urgency and joy. The intensity of feeling and connection between the band members and to their music is a thick, palpable force that sweeps audiences up, propelling them into uncharted territories.

This is what makes Young Jesus so groundbreaking at their core; the way they’re able to combine a palette of indie rock instrumentation with a spirit of unhindered spontaneity. The result is a construction—and deconstruction—of emotionally potent and inventive sonic landscapes unlike any other. Filled with a sense of both desperation and discovery, their 2018 album The Whole Thing Is Just There found immediate fans amongst listeners and critics alike… UPROXX called them “the most adventurous band in indie rock” …BrooklynVegan declares it’s “the kind of heady indie rock that you don’t hear enough of these days”… and Pitchfork dubbed the quartet “composers, refashioning the tools of rock music as transportive devices.”

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