Adia Victoria coming to Tulips

Adia Victoria coming to Tulips March, 15th

A Southern Gothic ⁠
Adia Victoria is a daughter of the South, a born and bred South Carolinian who now makes her home in Nashville, Tennessee. It is no surprise, then, that stories of the South find their way into her music, into the lyrics she pens and the chords she plays. It has been the case through her first two albums—2016’s Beyond the Bloodhounds and 2019’s Silences—and it remains so for third full-length effort, A Southern Gothic. This time, though, the stories don’t just belong to Victoria. ⁠

“I feel like it is the first record where I was able to get enough distance from what I thought was myself in order to look out and tell stories that were not necessarily my own,” she explains. “Because my immediate conditions were so limited it opened my imagination to think of other people, other characters, other perceptions and experiences that are all rooted in the south, to this land that informs us, that we grow on and grow in.”⁠

Sonically, A Southern Gothic is full of frequent juxtaposition. It is equal parts historical montage and modern prophesy, dark and light, love and loathing. Put simply, it is the musical embodiment of the relationship that so many people, especially Black women, have with the South. Indeed, even as Victoria’s lyrics feel weighted by a Southern heaviness that is so often smothering, the music is also buoyed by rhythm and melody that illuminate the best of what this region has to offer.

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