Baroness at Trees


Photos and Words by Jose Serrato

“Baroness” at Trees: Originally scheduled to be held at Three Links, Baroness came into the more spacious Trees to put on a show to remember with no opening act scheduled. This was an all Baroness show. Fans started packing the legendary club at 7pm; the band took the stage at 8pm sharp and laid out a solid 2.5 hr set that still left fans screaming “ONE MORE SONG!” Not having an opening act wasn’t the only unique thing about this tour. As fans bought their tickets online, they were given a link to vote for the songs they wanted to hear. The top ten songs in every city would be played in that city. Having a different set list every night can’t be an easy thing for a band, but Baroness made it look easy and sound good. Our ears were not given much time to rest as the band filled the time in between songs with melodic sounds that were a great contrast to the punch that their music gives. Singer John Baizley mentioned how extra special it was for him to perform in Dallas as they recorded their albums Blue Record and Yellow & Green here. Plano to be exact. The layout of the show consisted of a three part set with the middle being an acoustic session with Baizley and guitarist Gina Gleason. How many songs did they manage to play in two and a half hours? I have no idea. 20? 25? I would bet something in between that. I have to admit that I came into this concert not knowing much about Baroness, but I sure did walk out a fan with a Baroness shirt in hand. 


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