Billy Howerdel @ The Echo Lounge & Music Hall

“Billy Howerdel The Echo Lounge & Music Hall 07/16/22

Words and Photos by Jose Serrato

Known as the co-founder and guitarist for A Perfect Circle, Billy Howerdel is currently on tour in support of his recently released solo album What Normal Was. Although this is his first album under his name, it is not his first solo album as he released Keep Telling Myself It’s Alight in 2008 under the name Ashes Divide. Howerdel rolled into The Echo Lounge & Music Hall in Dallas on Saturday night with Nine Inch Nails guitarist Danny Lohner by his side. This was my first time in this venue and it was a perfect spot for an intimate show. With a low stage and close proximity to the crowd, the band was able to interact with fans throughout the night. If you came to this show expecting to hear APC style music, then you would be disappointed so hear it is not that at all. Although, I would hope you would be pleasantly surprised at the sound Howerdel pulled from his 80’s synth rock influences that is heard throughout this album. Think Depeche Mode or The Cure. A heavy dark mood filled the music hall for the hour long set that had Howerdel perform every track of the album along with one song from the Ashes Divide album. The smaller than expected crowd didn’t seem to phase the band as they performed just the same as if they were in front of a festival crowd with thousands of people. With only a couple shows left on this tour, I wouldn’t be surprised if What Normal Was continues to build traction and another tour is scheduled. If so, I definitely recommend attending. Maybe Danny will continue his interactive game of name a movie and I’ll tell you what it should’ve been called. Setlist: Beautiful Mistake The Same Again Ani Bring Honor Back Home Selfish Hearts Poison Flowers Forever Can Be EXP Free and Weightless Stars “

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