Deftones at Toyota Music Factory

Words and Photos by Jose Serrato


Deftones/Gojira The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory It was metal night in Irving, TX on Monday night as veteran bands Deftones and Gojira made their long awaited appearance after two postponed concerts. Originally scheduled in 2020 to go along with their then new release, Ohms, Deftones were finally able to hit the road with their “French Connection” buddies in Gojira, as Chino called them on stage.

(Chino Moreno of the Deftones – Photo by Jose Serrato)

After the countdown that was projected onto a white curtain in front of the stage hit zero, Gojira let out an all assault set that spanned multiple albums from their long career. From “Born For One Thing” off their 2021 release all the way back to “Love” from their very first release. Gojira had been making huge waves across the metal scene and have become one of the biggest and most respected bands in the world. They may be shown to be the supporting act for the Deftones, but they are no typical opening act. These guys came on to stage to make it their show. They demanded all the attention and the crowd gave it to them. The Pavilion was sold out this night and everyone made sure to make it inside to watch Gojira completely destroy. Texas loves the Deftones and Deftones loves Texas. The support for this band in the Lone Star State has not gone unnoticed to these Northern Californians. Always making multiple stops across the states and bringing along custom Texas tour shirts that were quick to sell out. I tried and I was too late. The boys put together a 19 song setlist that picked tracks off of every album. From their 1995 release Adrenaline to the 2020 release Ohms, fans of all ages sang along without missing a lyric. With new touring bassist Fred Sabian and added guitarist Lance Jackman, the Sacto boys did now show any signs of a band that have been touring for the past 27 years. Vocalist Chino Moreno still has the high energy as he jumps and runs across the entire stage with ease. They are soaking in the energy from the crowd and spitting it right back. They have proven time and time again why they have outlasted so many other bands and continue to pack in venues, and they are showing no signs of backing down. Setlist: Genesis Rocket Skates Royal Be Quiet and Drive My Own Summer Tempest Swerve City Digital Bath Knife Prty Beware Sextape Diamond Eyes Prayers/Triangles Rosemary Bloody Cape Change (In The House of Flies) Ohms Encore: Lotion Engine No. 9″

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