Happy Young Jesus Day!

Imagine a shoreline alone, carved from the continent, without land or water to border it, a rind of possibility, a moon-colored border between land and sea, knowing and unknowing. This is Conceptual Beach, a place John Rossiter, vocalist/guitarist of Los Angeles-based Young Jesus, describes as his long-time mental refuge, where he imagines himself living—like a medieval, stigmata-wrought hermit—all his needs for okay-ness finally met. But for the first time, he’s opening up and inviting others to join him there.

Out this August, Young Jesus’ new album Welcome to Conceptual Beach takes what was once a personal escape for Rossiter and, with the collaborative lead of bandmates Marcel Borbon (bass), Eric Shevrin (keys), and Kern Haug (drums), transforms it into a universal experience.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Hart

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