Hayden Thorpe Shares New Single

Shares New Single & Video “Parallel Kingdom”
Moondust For My Diamond Out October 15, 2021

After recently announcing his new album, Moondust For My Diamond, Hayden Thorpe shares new single & video “Parallel Kingdom.”

Like “The Universe is Always Right,” the “Parallel Kingdom” video was shot in Hayden’s homeland of The Lake District and directed by Tom Haines. On the setting of the video, Hayden commented, “There are ancient stories to be told here, aeons play out in a single glance. Using Swinside Stone Circle as a location gave everything a certain sanctity.”

“Parallel Kingdom” sees Hayden continue his journey from the internal landscapes of Diviner out into visions of the spectacle around us. He says, “So much of our existence is an inconceivable wonder yet we’re so distracted that we rarely register the immenseness of the moment. Right there, beside us all along, is the wonder of everything.”

Sonically, the track is a shining example of the decades-deep connection Hayden has with producer Richard Formby. The two worked on a bassline Hayden had written years earlier, running it through Formby’s monolithic self-built modular synthesizer to create the driving, rapturous version it is today.

Watch the video for “Parallel Kingdom” HERE
Stream “Parallel Kingdom” HERE

The technicolor production on Moondust For My Diamond brings Hayden together for the first time with cult innovator Nathan Jenkins (Bullion) as well as long-time collaborator Richard Formby, with mastering by Heba Kadry.

Hayden will premiere music from Moondust For My Diamond at two UK shows this October, at Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal in association with Aerial, and at Chat’s Palace in London. He’ll also join Jon Hopkins on a tour across the EU and UK. Find a full list of tour dates and tickets at www.haydenthorpe.com.

Watch the video for “The Universe Is Always Right” HERE
Stream “The Universe Is Always Right” HERE

In contrast to Diviner, a critically acclaimed album steeped in solitude and fragility, Moondust For My Diamond moves into a more natural visual and sonic palette. Thorpe has made an album that is galvanizing, reassuring, elegant, seductive: it oozes Big Cosmic Energy. “What about nature? What about the cosmos? What about all these things that break through the tyranny of the self? Our sense organs bring the world inside of us after all, I just had to sing it back out. I was enchanted again with the mystery of science and how I might speak from the heart in an age where metric is gospel.”

Moondust… comes as the by-product of a coping mechanism: exploring the worlds of digital mysticism, and the need to melt down reality and recast it when so much feels unreal. Hayden’s interested in “the meeting point between science and religion, the grand struggle for reality that shapes so much of our time.”

The pastoral evolution of last year’s Aerial Songs EP hinted at an expanding palette that reflected Thorpe’s return to The Lake District, the natural environment he grew up surrounded by. These additional influences seep into Moondust…, along with Hayden’s involvement with Wavepaths, a pioneering project integrating music into psychedelic therapy, plus ‘hybrid’ gigs and breath workshops with pioneering breath practitioner Richie Bostock. It’s those surrenders, experiments, and collaborations that make this such an enticing, sensory, soul-expanding album.

Praise for Hayden Thorpe’s solo debut, Diviner

“Thorpe harnessed the energy of quiet solitude and proceeded to pitch that emotion skyward” – Pitchfork
“Put him in front of a piano, and beautiful songs are gonna come pouring right out. Diviner is proof of it.” – Brooklyn Vegan
“Thorpe’s saintly vocals pour out in ribbon-like, cascading fashion” – Paste
“responsible for some of the most unique, captivating and ultimately timeless music created this century.” – Under the Radar
“Thorpe’s distinctive and familiar vocals coat each syllable with a warming glow, giving them the space and time to gently penetrate your soul.” – Pop Matters

Moondust For My Diamond artwork

  1. Material World
    2. The Universe Is Always Right
    3. No Such Thing
    4. Parallel Kingdom
    5. Golden Ratio
    6. Metafeeling
    7. Supersensual
    8. Hotel November Tango
    9. Rational Heartache
    10. Spherical Time II
    11. Suspended Animation
    12. Runaway World

Moondust For My Diamond will be available digitally, on CD, standard LP, Deluxe LP, plus Dom Mart edition LP. The Deluxe LP edition will include limited and signed handmade screen prints by Hayden, whilst the Dom Mart edition LP bundle includes the Aerial Songs EP 12″.

In a concerted effort to address the climate crisis, Moondust For My Diamond vinyl and packaging will be made using 100% recycled materials.

Pre-order here:
Digital | Standard & Deluxe LP | Dom Mart edition LP

Hayden Thorpe Online:
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