The Bobby Lees at Three Links

Words and photos by Jose Serrato


I’m not old enough to have experience a show at CBGB’s in the 70s, but I imagine it would have been similar to seeing The Bobby Lees last night at Three Links in Deep Ellum. The Woodstock, NY quintet brought their dirty garage band sound to Dallas on their first national tour in support of their latest release, Bellevue. The anxious crowd knew they were in for an unforgettable night when drummer Macky Bowman treated us with a strip show that had him down to only wearing his tighty-whities, black knee high socks and white Adidas. As Bowman jumps around the stage, the rest of the band (Vocalist/guitarist Sam Quartin, guitarist Nick Casa and bassist Kendall Wind) made their way onto the stage and dive into the song ‘Guttermilk’ from their 2020 release Skin Suit. The hour long set consisted of mostly tracks from Bellevue sprinkled with some from previous releases like ‘Radiator’ from the 2018 album Beauty Pageant. Quartin’s vocals forced you to hang on every word while Wind’s constant head banging while laying down dirty fat bass lines had an intensity I haven’t heard or seen live in a while. 

They hype I have recently heard about this band was confirmed on Friday night. The Bobby Lees are the real deal. I didn’t know I needed a rock show like this until I was standing there against the stage and I need more of it. I will not be surprised if the venues start getting bigger with every tour. I’m already telling friends to not sleep on this band. Next time I hear someone say that rock is dead, I’ll say you’ll just not looking in the right direction. Take a look in the Hollywood Junkyard. The Bobby Lees are gonna be stars. 

Photos Below…

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