Dreamy Life Group Therapy Vol 5 Release Fest

Photos by Dustin Schneider, Words by Susie Ramone

Saturday, Oct 12, 2019, was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Weather was perfect, birds were singing, the sun was shining and Dreamy Life Records had their release party for Volume 5 of their roster compilation called Group Therapy. This was actually my first ever Group Therapy party to attend and I was NOT disappointed. The bill was one rock solid band after another.
Held at Main at South Side, I got to the party a little late so I missed the first couple of bands. My apologies to Starfruit and Summerjob, but I did get to see teen music phenoms Ting Tang Tina. I wish I had words to describe how great these young rockers are. So much talent in these four musicians and I can only see it growing. Beats on point – check. Lyrics on point – check. Unique sound – check. Style, grace, and great banter with the audience – check, check, check. These girls (and guy) have it all.
Some other highlights of the all-day/all-night release fest: 
BULLS is such a good time and everyone in the crowd was jamming along with these loud rockers, including the fella outside the gates. Seeing the pure delight on his face and watching him just lose himself in the music put a big smile on my face.
Coinciding with the music happening inside and outside of MASS was a vendor fair and skate jam. Skaters took to the boxes, rails, and quarter pipe to show their stuff, work on some moves, and impress the crowd. Vendors of art, food, and clothing offered their wares and looked to be pretty busy the whole time.
Maestro Maya’s shoe gazey sound was the perfect backdrop for trippy convos with friends and Johnny Couch’s surprise drop in from NY was a lot of fun.
Cameron Smith – Sur Duda – This band just continues to evolve and become better and better. Going from a solo project to a full-blown band was an excellent move and I’m a huge fan!
Hot Knife with Katie Robertson and fronted by Skyler Stapelton is fairly new to the Fort Worth music scene and Dreamy Life record label line up, but these veteran musicians make beautiful music together!
And then closing out the night was War Party’s final show. They brought everything they had to thank Fort Worth, and Dreamy Life, for all the love. It was such an awesome experience to see and hear this beloved band do their thing one more time.
The bands that performed at the Released Fest represent maybe half of what is on the album, so go to Dreamy Life Records inside MASS and pick up a copy of Volume 5 in the Group Therapy series. And seriously, keep an eye out for everyone on the Dreamy Life roster and check them out at a venue around town.
Dreamy Life – Thank you for putting together your Group Therapy sessions. Main at South Side – Thank you for being such a kick-ass venue.
I can’t wait to get to another show to enjoy all the fantastic music that Fort Worth has to offer! See ya there!