Jinjer at House of Blues

Words and Photos by Jose Serrato

Ukrainian metal band Jinjer returned to House of Blues in Dallas just over a year after their last visit and we all know all that has happened since. Jinjer were given permission by the Ukrainian government to leave their war torn country to tour Europe and the States as ambassadors with a portion of the proceeds of each show going towards relief efforts. Dallas did their part by filling up HOB into the balcony. Walking towards the venue, I see the line of fans going around the corner and way down the street. You could feel that this show will be special. It was. With support from P.O.D., Malevolence and Space of Variations, the crowd kept up their energy throughout the night. Jinjer’s 15 song setlist did not disappoint but did leave the crowd wanting more. There are no words to describe the intensity that vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk brings to the stage. She had the entire crowd fixated on her every move while bassist Eugene Kostyuk seemed to be making eye contact with every single person in the crowd. 

Jinjer wrap up their US tour on Friday in San Diego and start their European tour in the new year. Who knows what things will be like in the Ukraine in the coming months, but we know Jinjer will continue to gather support for their country all across the world. 

Photos below