Lamb of God at The Pavilion in Irving

Words and photos by Jose Serrato

The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory in Irving was the perfect place to bring Lamb of God’s The Omens Tour to an end. Walking towards the venue just before doors opened I see a long line of fans eager to go inside to witness a solid lineup of bands that included Killswitch Engage, Animals As Leaders & Fit For An Autopsy.

Lamb of God’s new album, Omens, has been out for a couple weeks now and their fans were ready to hit the mosh pit and hear their new favorite tracks. The crowd wasted no time in creating a big circle pit during Fit For An Autopsy’s opening set and somehow had enough energy to last the entire night. A steady flow of bodies made their way over the barricade throughout Lamb’s 15 song set. I even got a little love tap in the back from a flying shoe. Typically we share the photo pit with the security who are set to catch the crowd surfers, but on this night we were joined by around 20 hardcore fans that were given access to the pit for the first 3 songs. Pressed up against the stage with phones in the air to capture every moment, the excitement of being so close to these metal legends was all over their faces. 

If seeing Blythe and the boys set the stage on fire wasn’t enough, fans were treated with Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy joining Blythe on stage to do vocals for “Laid To Rest.” A highlight that had the internet talking. This wasn’t the first time Badolato had been on stage with LoG as he filled in for Blythe after he contacted COVID in April. 

Lamb of God are loud! They are intense! They have perfected their brand of metal and we all saw why they will forever be considered as one of the top metal bands of all time. 

Photos below