Mean Motor Scooter @ MASS 09.26.20


Live music is back, sort of…

Every since Covid-19 shut down the entire country over 5 months ago, plans to get bars and venues open again has been about as clear as a fresh IPA from Martin House. There have been talks, arguments, acts of defiance, and rubber-stamped exceptions to TABC laws but there doesn’t seem to be an exact blueprint of how these establishments can fully reopen.

Slowly things will eventually return to normal, in the meantime, Main At South Side has started to book limited attendance shows. One or two band bills with 40-50 people in attendance, all seated at tables spread throughout the venue, with everyone required to wear masks unless you are seated at your table. As odd as this setup may sound, it actually makes for an enjoyable evening of live music that us music fans have been missing and craving for months. 

And what better way to kick off weekends shows than with Fort Worth garage post-punk darlings Mean Motor Scooter. Not counting a live stream from the MASS stage a couple of months ago, it’s been since December that the four-piece has played in front of people. There was no disappointment to the capacity crowd with the Scooter’s nearly hour-long set, which included almost all of their latest release Mr. Sophistication. Since the band never really got to have a proper album release (Mr. Sophistication was released in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown on May 1st) this show was just as important and just as impactful. It was a great night for live music in the Fort.