Pepe Aguilar at Dickies Arena – 12/14/19

Photos and Blurb by Velton Hayworth

The first show at Fort Worth’s sparkling new Dickies Arena to feature Latin music was a classic, anchored by mariachi con pop legend Pepe Aguilar.

Pepe Aguilar

A member of Mexico’s first family of music, Aguilar has been performing for nearly 50 years and has sold 15 million albums. His first concert came at age 3 at Madison Square Garden, with his famous parents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. 

Now he is the proud papa, but Pepe is as entertaining as ever, and he christened Dickies Arena with his trademark mix of  Bandas, Polkas, contemporary pop tunes, and love songs. His beautiful baritone voice sounded as rich as ever. 

Saturday night was a family affair and the sound was perfect in the arena as Aguilar and his band kicked off the night with a nine-song set, which included “100% Mexicano”, “Baraja De Oro” and “Albur de Amor”.

Aguilar’s son, Leonardo, was up next and performed fives songs, including “El Pero”, “Bonita Finca” and “Que La Dejen Ir Al Baile”.

Daughter Angela followed with six songs, including “Prometiste”, “Sangre En Mi Cuerpo” and “Por Mujeres Como Tu”.

There’s no doubt Leonardo and Angela inherited Pepe’s gift as they made the crowd swoon with their silvery vocals.

Aguilar and crew finished with a five-song encore, ending the night with” Son Las Two De La Manana”… leaving the exuberant crowd chanting and wanting more.

There’s no need to speak Spanish or be familiar with Pepe’s style of music to enjoy his show. Pepe Aguilar transcends all boundaries. It was a beautiful night at Dickies Arena.  

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