Pixies Sell Out South Side Ballroom

After 30+ Years, The Pixies Are Still That Cool

Words and Photos by Jose Serrato

One of the best ways to find good music is to find out what bands your favorite band listens to. In my teens years in the late 90s, one of my favorite bands was Fort Worth’s own the Toadies. On my quest to learn everything I could about the local heroes, I discovered that singer Vaden Todd Lewis was a big fan of a band called the Pixies. I made my way to CD Warehouse and found a copy of ‘Doolittle’, the 1989 release from the Pixies. I quickly became a fan and fell in love with a song that to this day I can’t get enough of. The song is “Hey” and it took me over 20 years to finally hear this song live.

Yes, for some reason I hadn’t seen the Pixies live until this past Saturday night at South Side Ballroom in Dallas as they toured with Franz Ferdinand and Bully. On their second to last stop of this tour, I could tell I was not the only one here to see this legendary band for the first time. The sold out crowd had fans of all ages. Some young enough that they weren’t even born yet when the first, second, third or even fourth Pixies album was released. Those that have seen their favorite band on every tour since 1987 had the same excitement as those ready to see them for the first time. Fans lined up outside in the Texas heat that wrapped down into the parking lot. One of the longest lines I’ve seen here as doors opened. 

Fans were treated with Nashville’s Bully, a solo project by Alicia Bognanno. Currently out supporting ‘Lucky For You’, the latest release on Sub Pop Records. Bully brought their 90s rock sound with a force that grabbed your attention and kept it for the 30 minutes they were on stage. Although attention was taken away for a few minutes as a fan in the front seemed to have passed out and needed some help. The band paused the music while security helped the fan get out and then continued with their final couple songs. 

Veteran Scottish band Franz Ferdinand came out and did what they always do, put on one hell of a show. After 20 years as a band, lead singer Alex Kapranos still has the same energy as you see him getting plenty of air in his signature jumps. The hour long set covered songs from their five studio releases. Although Franz hasn’t released a new album recently, they have released a couple songs on their hits compilation album that came out in mid 2022. 

I don’t even know what to say about the Pixies. Just the way the band walked out onto the stage, they just looked like legends. I was told beforehand to not even bother trying to look up what the setlist would be. The Pixies were changing their set every night of the tour. 28 songs played within 90 minutes that felt like it just wasn’t enough. We all wanted more and more. For those that may only know “Where Is My Mind” or “Here Comes Your Man” definitely had to leave wanting to take a deep dive into the Pixies catalog. At times I could hear the crowd singing back to Black Francis louder than I could hear Francis. The sold out crowd were packed in, they were loud and full of energy. I could see the emotion in the faces of the fans up front against the barricade as they sang every word. 

I don’t know why it took me this long to see the Pixies live, but I am beyond happy to finally experience this legendary band for myself. 


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