The Me-Thinks, Pinkish Black, and HTA @ The Haltom Theater

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Photos by Dustin Schneider words by Susie Ramone

Saturday evening at the newly renovated and opened Haltom Theater can be described in one word… Epic! 

But it can also be described in many words, which is what everyone all around me was doing on this beautiful spring evening. Here are some of my words about it. 
Let’s start with the theater itself, it’s gorgeous! The front of the building is quite unassuming, other than it’s iconic sign and marquee. Walking in I was greeted by one of the owners who let me know that food was to my right, a bar to my left, and the theater straight back. After getting my wristband, double doors were opened to me allowing entrance into a grand room that is the theater! To my left, and up some stairs, was another bar, but to my right…. to my right was this beautiful room with chairs to sit in, if wanted, and a stage that was at just the right height to really enjoy the show! Someone pointed out the ceiling and roof and to check out the joist work that had craftsmanship that we just don’t see today. Whatever the secrets to the room is, the sound and look are fantastic! 
The line up for the night was just as eclectic and quirky as the building with rockers Henry the Archer, shoe-gaze, doom metal tripsters Pinkish Black, and the darlings of Haltom City – The Me-Thinks. 
HTA opened the show and rocked the entire house. People were up and dancing and singing along to all their favorites and some new ones, too. I was especially happy to hear “New Mexico”, “I Love the Way”, and my very favorite “Pillow People”. Richard’s vocals were rich, full of emotion, and filled the room with everything you would want coming from such a great storyteller. Charles on bass, Kevin on drums, and Tom on T-Bone completed the tight sounding set as only they can do. The four of them never disappoint and Saturday was no exception. 
Up next was Pinkish Black. Of the three bands, they are the ones I know the least about, but with my love of all things weird, you would think that would be the opposite. Dustin and I were standing at the back of the room with Richard chatting about his set when Pinkish Black started. The room had been cleared between sets with folks going outside or to the bar, but when they heard the first sounds coming from Daron’s synth everyone started coming in and to the front of the stage like members of a cult flowing to their leader. It was an amazing sight and for the next 45 minutes, we all got filled with the doomy, trippy love that Daron and Jon were preaching. They have a new fan in me and I’m kind of sad that I’m late to this show.
Following Pinkish Black and closing the night was the band that we were all so excited to see… The Me-Thinks! Haltom City’s shittiest band was finally playing the venue they had been destined to play from their inception! As per usual, I couldn’t understand a word that Ray was saying, although his vocals were coming through much clearer than at any other venue I’d seen them at. That being said, I could see the whole crowd singing along with every word with every song, even with all the fog. The cutest Me-Thinks fan in the place, though, had to be Trashpocket’s darling mom. She was up and rocking the entire set in her Betsey Johnson earrings and cute bobbed hair. They played all the songs you would want to hear on such an epic night, in such an epic venue… Mr. Dude, Million $$ Gumball, Loud & Sucky, Rock Death, and shut the place down the God Bless Haltom City! Seriously, the place went WILD! It was everything I had hoped it would be! 
For the first experience at Haltom Theater, this was one for the ages and I am so stoked that I got to be a part of it! Thank you to everyone that made this night happen, and for those of you that missed out… don’t make that mistake again! 

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