The Me-Thinks, Sloth Fist, Professor Fuzz 63 @ The Cicada

Photos and words by Dustin Schneider

If you happened to be in the vicinity of South Main and Rosedale on Saturday night you might have heard or even felt a disturbance flowing through the night air. The Cicada, helmed by Tyler and John Stevens, put together a little demonstration to show that they are now a fully functional and operational live music venue. And what better way to send fear through the surrounding establishments than offering up the lo-fi garage rock of Professor Fuzz 63, the hardcore punk stylings of Sloth Fist, and the darlings of Haltom City, The Me-Thinks.

Now normally this is where I would review the bands and talk about how they did on this particular night, but if you don’t know anything about the bands mentioned above by now, then trust me when I say they are each unique and fantastic and deserve to be checked out on their individual social media profiles or streaming music outlets. Instead, let’s talk about the Cicada.

Since the new sound system was installed a few weeks ago there have been a few shows here and there to help break in everything and make sure things work right. I’ve seen both song swaps hosted by Keegan McInroe, there was a Claws Out Comedy show on the 3rd, and from what I was told, on Friday night Annafell Lights and Stem Afternoon put on fantastic sets. But I don’t think any of those have songs that make the proclamation “I sold my soul for a case of tinnitus” or “Tinnitus will unite us”. I also don’t believe that any of them have a history of popping circuit breakers once the “smoke machines were cranked up”. Do you see what I’m getting at? If you need to have a demonstration of how powerful your venue is, then The Me-Thinks are who you want!


Seriously though, as each of the bands made their way through their sets all I could think about was how loud and clear everything was coming through the new PA. Not only is the new gear fantastic, but Clay Anderson also has everything dialed in to near perfection. No disrespect to my friends that have run sound in the bars that have previously occupied that space, but this might be the best I have ever heard that room. Loud and clear. It’s amazing!

The only thing that is still questionable is how many smoke machines can the fuse panel take. A certain member of The Me-Thinks that will remain nameless, but plays a Les Paul on stage right, forgot to grab the control switch for the smoke machines. Oh well, that’s a battle for another day. Now if you will please excuse me, I need to rest and let this ringing in my ears die down a bit.

If you are interested in playing a show at the Cicada, email John here:

The Me-Thinks

Sloth Fist

Professor Fuzz 63