The Plum Boys at Tannahill’s Music Hall

Photos by Dustin Schneider, Words by Susie Ramone

Y’all! I’ve been to many an Amplify 817 event and met the Plum Boys, but have not had the chance to see them live until Saturday night. Mixing pop and rock they took the stage at Tanahills Tavern to open the show for 80’s pop synth band, Flock of Seagulls. 

Caleb, Fabian, Dave, and the boys amazed everyone in attendance with their presence, poise, and ability to rock their socks off. 
These dudes are serious musicians with serious chops. And the harmonies…. don’t even get me started! Fabian has some pipes and his stage presence belies his age. 
It was fun to see everyone in the crowd slowly but surely get into every song The Plum Boys performed and then be all in for their cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World. 
You can follow The Plum Boys on all the socials. Keep an eye out for their next live show, you won’t want to miss it.