The Scorpions at AAC 9.27.22

Photos by Dustin Schneider

Words by Matt Stubbs of the Jerry Jonestown Massacre Podcast

On Tuesday night we skipped our weekly studio show to go see heavy metal rock legends the Scorpions at AAC in Dallas, TX. The bill did not include Whitesnake as originally planned. This was due to some respiratory issues that the singer David Coverdale was having. The sting of that was helped by the Swedish rock band Thundermother. They started the night of blazing rock tunes and heartwarming ballads. Ballads that may or may not have been written by the CIA about wind. But the conspiracy theories are for another write-up on another website, for another time. 

The Scorpions are a German band that has been making music and performing live since the 60s. We couldn’t miss this show because it’s getting harder to see metal heroes that come around to arenas like AAC. And especially if they are from Europe. There are just so many things that can cause a tour like this to derail. Example: Whitesnake. The Scorpions were hot Tuesday night. Nothing but smiles from them and the audience. Anytime a drummer sports a Dallas Cowboy sleeveless shirt the day after a division win against the N.Y. Giants, they get my attention. The Scorpions sounded tight and loud. All of their air-guitar moves were spot on. The vocal performance by Klaus was pitch-perfect and as powerful as ever. The band played all their strip club hits. It was like being at Legends in Arlington, TX, in the ’90s, all over again. Except with an awesome light show. From now on I will only play my guitar with a golf glove on. All rock and metal musicians should be required to go see legends put on a show like this. Seeing the Scorpions, who have committed their whole life to music and putting on solid shows is inspirational. And to see them carry the same enthusiasm and joy even in their 70s was amazing. The Scorpions had a blast and we had a blast. That is until Dustin was assaulted by a heater of a drumstick!